Miranda July: Part 2

So, some lighting company apparently decided it would be oodles of fun to screw over a high school theater program. I mentioned previously how we were ordering 50 new lights and a lighting designer to set up cues for "a great rock show." Well, the jerk decided that he didn't want the job, stopped answering phone calls, e-mails, letter, and faxes, and tried to steal a ton of money from us. Thoughtful, no? Now we have the following options: spotlight, low light, medium light, high light, gels. It's depressing. Miranda July: Part 2 One of the more interesting aspects of Miranda July's short story collection No One Belongs Here More Than You is the marketing campaign. She set up a website that captured the essence of the book. It had pictures of her handwriting on appliances. The photos change size and shape depending on your web browser. What's with the short jerky sentences? It's my "just woke up" attempt to capture July's style. It would probably be easier just to point out that her prose has a distinct rhythm comprised of much smaller sentences than I'm used to. Obviously, this is my own fault, as I tend to gravitate toward books written by people who died a long time ago. But people who died a long time ago normally don't have four cover colors so that you can coordinate your paperback to your outfit. Miranda July is very thoughtful like that. Chip Kidd, eat your heart out. Apparently Blogger does not appreciate color coordination. Boo on Blogger. What else could you possibly expect to happen when a visual/performance artist writes a book? Traditional design? Stories that consistently last longer than four-five pages? Subject matter so rooted in everyday life that it becomes monotonous? None of those apply to this collection. We'll finish off the week with a formal write-up on Saturday.

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