My Weekend Plans

1) Wrap baskets for raffle/tricky tray at charity event

2) Purchase new cables to replace missing ones for camp job

3) Rip that nasty French Toile patterned fabric off my amp that some jackass thought was ok to hot-glue to my property when he borrowed it for a gig

4) Purchase new small-size keyboard stand

5) Purchase decorations for the shabbiest, ramshackle shed I've ever seen; seriously, it's dreary and suffocating versus the brightly lit, appropriately furnished dance studio on the campgrounds

6) Load up MP3 player with the "best" of modern Disney

7) Find the sheet music books I used last year that mysteriously disappeared around the same time my father drove all my home-made camp equipment to the dump

8) Replace the sheet music (funding option: sit in front of mall entrance with sign that reads "I'm blind and can't work, please help me") that mysteriously disappeared (see: rotting in landfill)

9) Prep lessons for week

10) Find time to rehearse for Monday night audition

11) Find way to convince family I don't need four cheeseburgers, a rack of ribs, and a half dozen hot dogs for lunch and dinner today, tomorrow, and Sunday

12) If time permits, fix all the exercise equipment that mysteriously broke as soon as family realized I was exercising everyday; same with scale

Have a great, less hectic than me holiday weekend, everybody!

Coming Later Tonight

Brief Update: Camp Job