Short Post: Geek Love, or How Good I Am At Repressing Horrifying Content

So, this is a short post because of physical pain. I fell up a cement (concrete? hard poured artificial stone of some kind) staircase yesterday leaving Kinkos with some good quality paper trimmed to 8x10 for resumes. That puts me out for a couple days, meaning my next audition is for a production of Rent next week versus Curtains tonight (meaning, I do not like beating myself silly over learning an upbeat 1950s showtune very quickly to not use it). The bigger issue is how this will affect my music/drama/dance teaching camp job that starts with a 7 hour (ugh) meeting on Friday to tour the sprawling camp estate and move equipment around. It was a damn hard fall and my leg is still throbbing.

RE: Geek Love by Katherine Dunn. I still love this book. I'm just amazed at how much detail I managed to blank out in four prior readings. My God...has the book always been this sick, twisted, and sadistic? I remember the amputations, I remember the Oly protecting/writing to Miranda framing device (sort-of), I even remember Mumbo and the shooting, but some of the content feels like it was magically printed in my copy over the past year. This book is messed up. And strangely filled with some not-quite-American idioms that stands out like a sore thumb in a book so based in our history of American entertainment. It's like I'm living in Memento or Eternal Sunshine... and one tiny word is setting me off on a deranged collage of memories and nightmares caused by this book.

Yet I keep reading. One day, I'll learn to stick to books that don't affect my sleeping habits. One day. I hope.

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