So You Think You Can Dance? At least these two can...

I'm not that excited for this season of So You Think You Can Dance?. For starters, they're saying a 29 year old might as well be lying down in the grave because she's not 18 anymore. Second, Mary Murphy won't stop screaming for a single moment to say something intelligent, which she is perfectly capable of with her experience. Third, Adam Shankman and Debbie Allen can be regular judges on the show but neither one can whack Tyce DiOrio upside the head and take over Broadway choreography with actual Broadway choreography?

Yet there is one beacon of hope every season. One well that seemingly will never run dry. One choreographer that never ceases to cause discussion and bring out the best in crazy, crazy dancers. That beacon of hope is the choreography of Wade Robson. Not to be forgotten, his wife Amanda Rodriguez does assist him and even develops concepts for his routines, though this show almost always forgets to acknowledge that. I digress.

On Wednesday night, the show teased us with the promise of a Wade Robson routine for 90 minutes before delivering the shining moment of the season thus far:

For one thing, he used Goldfrapp music. Judging by the song selection of some of his fellow choreographers, I doubt most people involved in the show know what, exactly, Goldfrapp is. For another, he based a routine (that he credits his wife with) on crash test dummies. One, the male, is paranoid and in constant pain from overuse. The other, the female, is about to undergo her first test.

It's kind of hard to believe that this girl had to try out four years to make the top 20 based on this, isn't it?

Shitty, shoddy, gimmicky camerawork at the end aside, that's some solid work right there.

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