Sounds Like A Triple Score to Me

Oh, magical personal theater news.

1) The new drama teacher, my new boss, went toe to toe with the biggest annoyance of the Drama Club and crushed him like a bug. Fantastic.

2) The new drama teacher's husband, in construction, ripped out awful storage from the costume closet and is in the process of installing actual hardware to hang costumes off of so they don't sit in tubs unidentifiable until we can't find what we need.

3) Sounds like a show to me: I'm done prepping kids for the camp talent show. With the two dance specialists, we're putting on a cute, age appropriate show for the little'uns. The 3rd grade group that told the dance specialists to shove it are cut off from my help, as well. I kicked them out of my room as soon as they bragged about refusing their choreography. We will be making it very clear to every member of the admin that they fought us over the talent show and refuse to let us see what they are doing, what song they are using, etc until the show itself. Let them get fired.

So, very good day today. Happy. Peaceful. Not stuck on the TPZ Bridge with kids going into eighth grade screaming in my ear for close to two hours.

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