The Chopping Block

I have a problem. My collection of DVDs, books, and CDs has gotten out of control.

Every week, I will be reviewing a DVD, book, or CD I never opened, read/heard/watched, or cared for properly. If I don't like it, it's Up For Grabs. That means you, the reader, can claim it for your own collection. Just send me an e-mail with the name of the item and your shipping info and I'll mail it out to you. I would appreciate it if you would write a quick review of the DVD/book/CD that I didn't like for another viewpoint on the site, but it's not required.

If I'm not thrilled with the media object but feel like I might like to write more about it, it's on The Waiting List. That means I have six months to get whatever I need out of the DVD/book/CD before I have to put it Up for Grabs.

If I like the DVD/book/CD and want to keep it, it has been Reprieved and gets to stay in my collection. I'll be updating this page with the media objects included in The Chopping Block.