Well Played, American Dad

American Dad's history with Fox is shaky. It seems the only reason the show has been on the air as long as it has is Fox's fear that the fans demand the show be re-aired ala Family Guy via DVD sales. It routinely has lower ratings than the rest of the animated line-up and is prone to lengthy diversions - like a golden turd (don't ask) - that have much of the viewership scratch their heads and change the channel.

In the spring, a new show is taking the American Dad slot (allegedly). That means American Dad may be cancelled (again) or go on random timeslots ala King of the Hill.

Brilliantly, the show has completely changed the game with their latest episode. This is either the greatest security-based series finale ever or the American Dad crew really does like to screw with the audience at Christmas.

My goodness, they killed off the entire cast and brought them back after the apocalypse via Stan's personal heaven. And a big, warm, Happy Holidays to you, too.

Once I get through tomorrow, I'll be putting up some extra posts to make-up for last week. The Sketchys are starting soon, and I still need to finish handicapping the Grammys. It'll be a fun rest of December.

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