Just Watch It: PonPonPon

So help me, I am going to help make this video a thing in America*. "PonPonPon" is a bizarre music video from new Japanese recording artist Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. Kyary is a well-known fashion blogger who emerged out of nowhere a few years ago to take Japanese fashion by storm. She now has her own beauty line and is one of the major faces of the Harajuku movement. Harajuku? Sound familiar? Yeah, Gwen Stefani toted a couple of those girls out like accessories a few years back. It is, essentially, a street-fashion style. The Harajuku Station in Tokyo is a popular hangout for teenagers. These teenagers dress in a variety of styles that collide to form what has become known as Harajuku. It's essentially the mixing and matching of various street cultures to form something fun and youthful.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is taking it a step further. Her music video for "PonPonPon" is a distillation of everything bright, colorful, strange, and fun about this cultural mash-up known as Harajuku. The song is cute, she has a nice voice, and the video is...well, just watch it. You'll see.

*I already got Pajiba to link to it. I've been rickrolling people with it. I posted it at a bunch of snarky websites and made quite a few other bloggers aware of it. So help me, this will happen.