Sketchy Details Presents: The Haunting Ground #1: Gear Up

The Haunting Ground is the third new program for Sketchy Details @YouTube, our expanded video line-up for Sketchy Details. This is a biweekly (every other week, not twice a week) show about everything Halloween. From home haunts to folklore, The Haunting Ground will prepare you to have the best Halloween ever. Watch, comment, share, and subscribe. Let me know what you want me to cover. My arts, crafts, and building skills are all over the place and I can cover a lot of different topics. I sew, I sculpt, I build a new haunt from the ground up each year with a different theme, I do music, I do photography/videography, I paint, I alter, and I do a whole lot of other things, too.

You can follow my Halloween/horror Tumblr for more regular scary updates.

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