Slipstream #2: The Cinema of Lovecraft

Hey everyone. The second episode of Slipstream, my pulp culture vlog is now up. This time, I break down the essence of Lovecraft through the lens of three very different films that really captured the style, mood, and psychology of the reclusive horror/sci-fi master. Watch the video here, share it with your friends, and get the word out about the new project.

Here's your behind the scenes details for the episode:

  • My lavalier microphone got destroyed at that terrible AnimeNEXT convention. I had to use the shotgun mic that unfortunately pics up a bit of the buzz from the camcorder. I'm loud so it's not too distracting.
  • I'm working on a much longer project inspired by Lovecraft on film. I want to test it out at a convention this fall (NYCC, maybe? We'll see what they say about press running a panel) before committing to the nitty-gritty of putting pen to paper.
  • I previously did a huge podcast just on the score of Lemora: A Child's Tale of the Supernatural and could probably write a book just on that film, its literary references, its style, and its connections to Night of the Hunter.
  • For all the horror conventions I've been to that have advertised Jeffrey Combs' (star of Re-Animator) appearance, I've yet to meet him. Someday, I'll meet the closest we have to a Lovecraft parallel to Victor Price's mastery of Poe onscreen. Someday.
  • "Beyond the Wall of Sleep" is my favorite Lovecraft story. I've been writing a musical inspired by it and "The Music of Erich Zahn" for, I want to say, four or five years now. It's finding the balance between loyalty and accessibility that's tripping me up.

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