Watch It: Miz Swan & Miss Swan

I'm a big Alex Borstein fan. She's so funny. She's also a wickedly smart writer who has helped create some of the more memorable comedic characters of the past twenty years. Her signature character, even above one Mrs. Lois Griffin, has to be Miz Swan. Miz Swan is an ambiguously foreign ambiguously aged expert in everything. Just when you think she's clueless, she turns out to be a genius who decided to screw with expectations.

I guess I should have seen the Miz Swan/Black Swan mash-up coming, but I didn't expect Alex Borstein herself to have created it. This video is funny for all the right reasons. It's also surprisingly well made for an Internet parody video. Take note at how well the production team captured the signature make-up and mirror work while lampooning it.

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