Watch: Kris & Scott's Scott & Kris Show

Kris Straub (Chainsawsuit, Starslip) and Scott Kurtz (PVP, Starslip) are long-time friends and web comic creators. The developed a close relationship with the creators of Penny Arcade and recently moved into their Seattle studios. Around the same time, Penny Arcade began developing web series saddled under the PATV code. A few months ago, Scott and Kris decided to launch their own reality web series through Penny Arcade. The aptly titled Kris & Scott's Scott & Kris Show is supposed to follow their daily, almost sitcom-like, shenanigans. Their sarcastic humor is put on full display and they seemingly haven't met a reality TV cliche they don't want to skewer. The series was funded by using the pilot episode to start a Kickstarter account for the show. The series was paid off well before the deadline they set for fundraising.

Now the show has premiered its first fan-funded episode and its everything they promised in the first episode. Ok, technically its not. The first episode promised magic, excitement, and mystery, but ended with the decision to be a mocking reality series. There is no magic in this episode. I'd say that's a good thing.

It's a fun and goofy web series that works because of the chemistry between Scott and Kris. You can follow the series as it updates on the PATV site. More specifically, you can get to their show page here.

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