Watch: The Fall of Pinterest

I'll admit that I didn't get Pinterest at first. It felt like a really random mix of Facebook and Twitter. All you do is pin content to a board that anyone can see. The pins link back to the source site and other people repin your pins. Then I got an account and understood. It's very take it or leave it in its attitude. I might like a news story about a new Broadway musical, so I'll pin it. At the end of the day, I get an e-mail digest telling me who else liked the story enough to repin it. I then check out there board and start going through their pins. It's the nerdy trading circle at your elementary school, only you don't have to worry about your never returned paperback box set of The Chronicles of Narnia.

College Humor picked up on the trend in a different way. They suggest that Pinterest is the social network for women because it's more positive and filled with crafting, art, and fashion design. Their video "The Fall of Pinterest" is a hilarious tribute to the social network and features references to a whole bunch of pop culture war scenes, like Braveheart and Lord of the Rings.

Funny, right? Now what happens if a man like me pins the Pinterest video about the invasion of men on Pinterest to Pinterest? Does the Internet collapse on itself? Let's find out.

Thoughts? Love to hear them. Sound off below.

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