Watch: The Real Housewives of New Jersey Tango

Before the last Harry Potter film premiered, I linked you guys to two videos to teach you everything you needed to know about the series. One of the videos--the Book of Mormon parody--makes a lot more sense now. The young YouTuber called tessaROXX has worked as a professional actress already. She was one of the girls in Broadway's Billy Elliot. That helps me understand the character acting, the broad characterizations with stage makeup, and the penchant for theater. Her new video is pretty darn stellar. She uses Chicago's "Cell Block Tango" to riff on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. She takes on the role of all the housewives on the latest season: Melissa, Jaqueline, Caroline, Theresa, Kathy. Her broad nasal variations on a New Jersey accent are close to the real thing. Her Kathy is uncanny. My one complaint? The karaoke track. I've heard this used before and it makes me sad. Sounds like it was scored on Mario Paint

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