Watch: The Slender Games

I tweeted about it yesterday, but I might as well come clean: I love the idea of Slender Man. I love that people have created a new piece of folklore on the Internet. The indie game and the mainstream media hoax images are especially entertaining.

Slender Man is tall and mysterious figure obsessed with children. Decked out in a black suit and possessing no face, Slender Man can stretch his arms at will and manipulate the world around him. He causes insanity, photo/video distortion, and even uncontrollable coughing fits. If you stare at Slender Man, you lose your mind and your life. He's most often found in the background of photos.

How It Should Have Ended is a really funny web series that re-imagines the endings of popular films. They've created a Slender Man/The Hunger Games mash-up that really works.

Peeta, Glimmer, Clove, and Cato are hunting through the woods when Marvel runs to them with a strange note. The players are warned, "Don't Look...or it takes you." The Game Makers have decided things are going a little too slow in the arena of the 74th Annual Hunger Games. Do they set the forest on fire or release a new mutt? Of course not. They send out Slender Man to liven up the combat.

It's funny and terrifying. That's a double win in my book.

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