Watch: Wookie Bellydancing

If this video doesn't make your day better, I don't know what will. We're dealing with a video that promotes peace and unity with absurdity. A band of Klingons performs a Wookie song that translates to "Peace." Then, a Wookie maiden enters the stage to bellydance with a prop.

The performance is the work of il Troubadore. Their goal is to perform all the Klingon music known in the universe. Originally founded as a period and world music group, they claim to know over 700 songs from 60 different countries and add new songs to their set list every week.

They have been collaborating with bellydancers from the start. Including a bellydancer in a routine for a sci-fi bellydancing contest only makes sense. Having the bellydancer dressed as a Wookie rather than as a Star Wars slave girl is an odd stroke of genius. The crowd laughs at first until they realize that the dancer in the costume is as skilled as any other participant in the contest. It's an interesting moment of self-reflection in sci-fi fandom that can create laughs and discussion.

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