Yogi Breakdancing

I really like dancing. One of my favorite parts of music directing a show is playing piano while a choreographer works with the cast. There's so much you can do with movement and everyone, no matter how hard they try to be uniform, will find a way to add their own style. Cue this yoga practitioner who is also an amazing breakdancer. via Dude Craft

Alex Yde staged and filmed this video of dancer Arthur Cadre doing insane breakdancing enhanced by yoga moves. I don't know what is the most impressive part about it. Is it his windmills where he's bringing his leg behind his neck with every revolution? What about when he starts threading, hits a yoga pose balanced on one arm, threads again, and hits another pose? Or is it just how ridiculously bendy Cadre's body is? I think Olive Oyl has more rigid bone structure than this dancer.

If there's one disappointment--a minor one, at that--it's that the video is a series of short stunts. I'd really like to have seen the full routine from start to finish. Yde's edits are nice and sync well with the music. I'm just a purist who likes to see a whole dance piece.

Even that's a stretch. Does editing take away from the impact of these moves? I don't think so. Cadre's an impressive dancer. There's no taking away from that.

The big question is whether or not all breakdancers should start studying yoga for inspiration.

Thoughts? I'm leaning towards full Mariah, myself, crossed with a little bit of that "no way" laughing disbelief that follows a street magician. What about you? Sound off below.

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