AugShoStoMo, or I've Been Slacking on my Writing

I would think the people that trickle in here know NaNoWriMo, which cruelly starts the day after Halloween, meaning my mind doesn't get a break from Mid-July to December 1.

However, since my arguably successful since I hit 50,000 but was so depressed with the poor quality that I deleted all but the first 5,000 words and never confirmed with NaNoWriMo, I haven't really written anything. Obviously, the decline and untimely death of my director and mentor played a role in this. I've milked it too long.

So, starting August 1, I have a personal marathon challenge to celebrate: AugShoStoMo. AugShoStoMo refers to August Short Story Month and entails my lazy butt hacking, slashing, and dashing my way through 10 new short stories by the end of the month. I'm also requiring myself to at least do surface editing and still wind up with 3000+ word stories, a total I rarely reach with my flash-fiction writing self. For the non-mathematicians, that's roughly 1 story every 3 days.

Want to join me? Feel free. I ain't confirming anyone else's output and I ain't reading anyone else's work till December.

This will, of course, be followed by RobWriMusMo (Robert Write the *%&@ing Musical already Month), OSHaMo (Oh Shizzy Halloween Month), and NaNoWriMo.

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