Introducing Midnight Recs (Cubby Bernstein)

Midnight Recs: entertainment items worthy of attention that can go ignored because the writing, content, or genre is deemed unworthy of praise due to tradition.

In honor of tomorrow's Tony Awards (woo!, go Passing Strange!):

Midnight Rec: Cubby Bernstein: Tony Campaign Manager Basically, Xanadu - a campy, over the top musical based on the campy, over the top film - managed to land Tony nominations against all odds. There are always rumblings about campaigns (for example, Avenue Q promised a national tour and regional productions within a year of winning, which allegedly got them some extra votes leading to wins it might not have otherwise received, allegedly).

Xanadu actually did one. Meet Cubby Bernstein. He's a wunderkind who never grows up, and is responsible for over 60 Tony winning campaigns (including Camelot). He also speaks Yiddish and talks with a hard New York accent. The producers of Xanadu beg him to run the campaign for their show. Cue viral videos. Through personality corrections, schmooze training, and the joy of cupcakes, Cubby Bernstein manages to teach the cast of Xanadu the true meaning of the Tony Awards in 7 (technically 8) viral videos.

It's campy, it's over the top, and it has Patti Lupone doing her Momma Rose in the first half of the finale. Loads of theater cameos by big names and funny situations. All of the videos (including bonus content) are on the official Cubby Bernstein website. Videos in reverse order.

Watch the Tonys tomorrow at 8PM on CBS. It's looks like the ceremony will be something special this year, what with all the nominated musicals allowed to perform since they are all running still, plus bonuses like the original cast of Rent performing with the current cast in honor of the show's long run and influence on contemporary theater (their reasoning, not mine). Just watch.

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