Midnight Rec: Playbill.com

First things first: I think I'm being cyber stalked, but in a good way. I have followers on my blogs now. Woo. Or woo? I don't quite know what that means. Yeah, I can create a private wiki from scratch to organize my Nano planning but don't quite get all the concepts behind Blogger, the Mad Libs of blog creation. Midnight Rec: Playbill.com Is this a selfish recommendation spurred by closing announcements I read first for a certain show that I can only say "Good riddance" to? Partly. But not entirely. Playbill.com is the place to go for theater news. The writers are excellent and the news expansive in nature. You want to know the suspected reasons why a little play not quite in the West End (London) shut down after two weeks versus the scheduled five week run? Or a survey with a more interesting interview subject than the mainstream theater actors? Or what about user questions answered by industry professionals about how this whole crazy Broadway system works? Playbill.com has it all. Yes, some prefer Broadway.com, and I go there as well. I was turned off by that site when they switched to casual video reviews from excellent professional written reviews. Their Tony coverage has gone downhill, too. Playbill is where you go for the news that actually matters told with a lot of style.

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