Walt Handelsman's Animated Editorials

Apparently, I'm now genuinely, honestly considered an employee of that high school I music direct for. I guess helping the drama department get six music-related nominations at a high school theater competition did wonders for my reputation.

All of this means I have my department supervisor to thank for bringing the work of Walt Handelsman to my attention.

Walt Handelsman currently works for Newsday, a Long Island newspaper, as an editorial cartoonist and animator. Aside from traditional political cartoons (like "Bank Loans"), Handelsman also does animated musical theater parodies of current events.

For example, Handelsman released the video "Recession Sing-A-Long!" to hit some hot-button economic issues using the marketing campaign of the revival of West Side Story. It's clever. It's funny. And the animated videos hit on larger national issues that anyone can enjoy.

Tool: Aviary.com

Album of Note: Next to Normal - Original Broadway Cast Recording