A Miscellaneous Announcement

Today is a day that will live in infamy. Someone drank the crazy juice over at Pajiba and named me the Eloquent Eloquence winner for the week. The post in question is a response to this, NSFW...uh...artistic creation involving unicorns, my formerly favorite mythical beast.

(But our number one. Oh, our number one.) 1. I no longer wish for a real life unicorn. I no longer dream of brushing its mane and feeding it sugar cubes before riding into the sunset as its iridescent horn glowed rainbows even in the faintest light. Now I know the shocking truth: unicorns are filthy whores with over sized genitalia. There’s now a hole in my life not even a unicorn could fill. — Robert —- Unicorgy. Delightful.

A cleverly worded sex joke won it for me. Much love to the site for permitting such smut to be unearthed from my twisted little mind. My sincerest apologies to the many confused Pajibites who don't get it. It's ok: I'm dry to a fault in my humor. I'll post a shot of the t-shirt when it arrives.

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