#Drawlloween 2015: Day 9: Eyeball #31DaysofHorror

When I saw the theme for Drawlloween Day 9 was eyeball, I knew what I had to do. I love drawing eyes. I'm good at it, too. I wanted to get another entry done for the Chiller Theatre Expo art contest and, from my experience there, they respond better to recognizable imagery. That torture/brainwashing scene inĀ A Clockwork Orange is pretty iconic. The piece is larger than what I've been doing this month, but also more fractured; I only need half the face (without hair or jawlines) for the bigger piece this is going into. I have to do some touchup around the mouth and it'll be ready to go. Drawlloween 2015: Day 9: Eyeball

Compressed chalk on toned gray paper. 9"x12"


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