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#31DaysofHorror: A Recap

Sometimes, you just need to challenge yourself. I’ve been slowly pulling my life back together after giving up full time teaching. Returning to Sketchy Details was a huge part of that. It’s just running a media criticism site exercises very different parts of the brain than teaching did. I’ve written often enough throughout my life to regain my footing again, but the rigidity of a schedule makes things quite a bit different overall.

Antibirth Review (Film, 2016) #31DaysofHorror

Content warning: the foundation of Afterbirth is sexual assault implied but not shown at the start of the film.

Antibirth is modern weird fiction. There’s really no other way to describe it. It’s a modern psychedelic horror film with a very loose plot connecting a lot of strange imagery meant to scare the audience. The time period is ambiguously modern—the characters talk like they’re current but the town they live in is behind the times, complete with wood panel tube tubes—and there’s not much logic to the story. The film gets away with it, too, since writer/director Danny Perez sets his protagonist as a drug addict and an alcoholic.

Beyond the Gates Review (Film, 2016) #31DaysofHorror

This will shock any long time reader of this site. I once had an obsession over a board game. Yes, shocking news from your friendly OCD critic here. It was called The Harbingers and was part of a VHS board game series called Atmosfear. I was obsessed with this game. My parents knew that I would just focus in on every detail of the story and character design to the point of losing sleep, so they held off on getting it for me until a year after its release. It became a Christmas gift that gave me many sleepless nights of crafting backstory and essentially fan fiction before even pressing play on the tape once.