#31DaysofHorror: Introduction

#31DaysofHorror is a long tradition at Sketchy Details. It started when I was in high school (years before Sketchy Details existed), when I participated in the IMDB Horror board's October viewing challenge. The goal, as you can imagine, was to watch the most horror films. Other goals were added in, like the misguided "bonus points for exposed breasts" that meant you had to watch Heavy Metal to even contend for the title (an entire city in the film is comprised of sculpted breasts, netting over 200 points for one film). Yet it always came down to the same goal: celebrate the month of Halloween by watching tons of horror in October. I try to do some kind of thoughtful write up every day of October related to horror. Most entries are film reviews because of ease of access, though I do try to scatter in some comics, books, TV, and game reviews.

This year, I'm really committed to getting 31 entries for the month in. It's hard work but I do find it rewarding. Horror has been my favorite genre since childhood and celebrating it with #31DaysofHorror is a fitting tribute for a genre that has given me so much.

My first paid writing jobs were in horror. My first professional publication was in horror. Most of my industry connections come from networking at horror conventions that don't even exist anymore; we still hang out and chat when we meet up at other cons and events. The least I can do is dedicate one month to celebrating a genre that has impacted my life in a far more profound way than just some scares.

There's an artistry to horror that still goes ignored. There are others out there who write with passion about the genre, and even professional creators who embrace horror as their home. At its most basic level, horror is an exploration of the darker side of life. It allows the viewer and artist alike to interact with danger, fear, and darkness without facing real risk. It's a cathartic experience with roots as far back as the Ancient Greek tragedies, with their poetic descriptions of bloodshed, violence, and massive outbursts of emotions for the sake of entertainment and education alike.

There is no set schedule for #31DaysofHorror this year. When a post is connected to the theme, it will receive the #31DaysofHorror hashtag. That will be used on all social media, as well. If you want to follow my lead and join in with your own thoughts on horror throughout the month, I ask you to use the hashtag as well.

It's going to be a fun ride. I have streams, videos, art, haunting, and some other surprises in the works to celebrate. I hope you'll join in and play along.

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