The Link Rally: 11 January 2012

Rob Marshall will be directing the film adaptation of Stephen Sondheim's Into the Woods. How will he incorporate the film within a film technique in this story? Broadway World I take it this means Jonathan Ian Mathers is going to keep all the recurring characters from pre-reboot Neurotically Yours in the reboot series? NSFW return of Pilz-e and Begley. Neurotically Yours

The Pajiba regulars have a list of 20 films you should see on Netflix Instant. I've only seen three of them, but most were already on my queue. Some day. Pajiba

Rich Juzwiak jumps on the [Stuff] [Type of Person] Say/s meme with [Stuff] Gay Guys Say to Their Cats. FourFour

Who wants hours of reading material on director John Landis? LAMB put out a call for posts and the results are in. LAMB

You're going to shoot your eye out. Regretsy

Regretsy Porcupine Needle Fascinator

Finally, I tweeted this over the weekend but I'm sharing it again. The South Korean production of Next to Normal has fantastic singers. Their Gabe is especially impressive. For those not familiar with the show, the mother suffers from bipolar disorder and begins to see visions of her dead son encouraging her to embrace her sickness as a good thing. In this scene, her husband is trying to convince her to go through with therapy while her projection of her son tries to keep her unmedicated. It's haunting when done right and this production seems to nail it. I love the choreography at the table.

Watch: Fotoshop by Adobé

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