Watch: The Real Housenuns of New York

Sometimes, you're just in the mood for good schtick. The ladies of Sister Act on Broadway are more than willing to make fools of themselves. For example, they're performing eight times a week in the stage version of Sister Act, which resets the timeline to the 1970s. That means disco dancing and singing nuns. More importantly, they're doing great web videos right not. got them involved in a short-lived series of The Real Housewives of New York parody videos. The ensemble cast takes on various characters from the show and does actual dialog while dressed as nuns. It's funny. You should watch them.

The opening credits are spectacular. Unfortunately, they take up half the video. It's worth it to an extent. They nail the ridiculous character introductions. They're doing camp without breaking. It's fun.

Here's a reenactment of the ridiculous scene where Ramona decides to hire a new assistant for her business.

Little mousy Mary Roberts sure did grow a spine, didn't she?

You can find the rest of the videos over at Playbill. Give them a watch and have some fun.

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