Midnight Rec: Hulu.com

Wow. It's Saturday? I wonder what took up my time today? Creative pursuits, perhaps? Getting new merchandise up in my store? Trying to stop myself from being embarassed by Pajiba for not finishing a single book for the Cannonball Read challenge yet? Enough pimping. Let's get to it. Midnight Rec: Hulu.com Is this perhaps a cop-out recommendation? Who doesn't know about Hulu by now? That many people, huh? Wow. Never mind. Hulu is a brilliant money making scheme. Acquire the digital rights to broadcast active and inactive television series, new and old films, and clips of everything in between without charging the user a dime. How do they make money? Forced ad views. Each episode will have a specific ad or series of ads that you must watch while streaming. If you skip over the grey dot, you will still see the ad. It's a 30 second ad that will pop up maybe 6 times over the course of an hour long program. Deal with it. And that's only for the most expensive programs. Most are less than that. The quality is excellent, and they quickly post important events like the Vice Presidential debate. You were on of the 70+million people who watched it live, right? They'll be unstopable once they get the rights to air trainwreck series you hate to love to watch, like Top Model or I Love [Famewhore/Hasbeen/Neverwas]. But those are small issues. Who can complain when you can watch full episodes of Firefly or Dilbert? PS: Here's the debate. Get to watching if you didn't:

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