Midnight Rec: Sleep

Midnight Rec: Sleep Sleep has to be one of the most undervalued resources in American society. Who needs sleep when they can go party all night long? Or watch a marathon of the lesser films in the Leprechaun series? Or after reading a particularly horrifying book? Or discovering a new topic so compelling they just have to wiki and Google it all night long? Frankly, I never developed a taste for sleep until very recently. Sleep was a forced upon attraction, the equivalent of having to pay a toll to be alive. It distracted me from my work and many times prevented me from completing it at all. And you know bosses/instructors/clients don't accept "But I had to sleep last night as an excuse." Sleep can be a midnight rec, for certain. It's relaxing. It's energizing. It's inspirational if you can remember your cracked out dreams come morning time. If I don't just sit there in a haze trying to figure out why the giant rolling pin was chasing me on the steam ship in a galaxy far far away, I make a note of any pertinent details on a big dry erase board next to my desk; eventually, I work my way down the list, trying to interpret what "BelLywohoper" or "Rewds_" could actually mean. When I figure that out, I wind up with a story. Which explains how messed up my writing is. The sleep rec stands, just ignore that whole write what you dream thing, myself included. Otherwise, I'll eventually wind up with a board filled with notes about Tyra Banks cutting me again and again and again.

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