Presidents Day Rec: Dick (1999)

Hey, did you hear the one about New Jersey being trapped under another half foot of snow? How about the one about entire counties in New Jersey running out of sidewalk salt such that if it snowed again this year, everyone who lives in those counties would be screwed? Yeah, well, it's happening right now, and I have snow to shovel up so that I might actually be able to leave the house today. However, I cannot neglect my patriotic duty to celebrate Presidents Day (which is apparently officially called Washington's Birthday in spite of the date being the third Monday in February). One film immediately came to mind for the festivities.

Dick is a 1999 comedy film about the fall of the Nixon presidency at the hands of Checkerr's dog walkers. The dog walkers are two young women (played by Kirsten Dunst and Michelle Williams) who happen to have heard the Watergate break-in. Hilarity ensues.

If you base it off the trailer, this looks like a really stupid comedy. However, everything about the film is better than the promotional campaign. It's smarter, funnier, better produced, and better acted than it has any right to be. For goodness sake, the called the film Dick because the nickname for Richard sounds like a slang term for penis. It's dumb humor, but it's done very well.

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